View Full Version : N2Orbirt XXX-2

08-30-2011, 06:04 AM
I recently learned of a XXX-2 being shipped to a friend's house near me. I've been riding the XXX / UFO combination for a couple of years and have really enjoyed them; however, I had to at least take advantage of the opportunity to ride this new wing. I've also had the opportunity to ride a few other front wings over the past couple of years. However, nothing matched my riding style as well as the XXX...until now. After taking the XXX-2 out for a few sets, this is what I noticed. To me, the XXX-2 has even more "POP" than the XXX, but with noticeably softer landings. My bad back really likes this aspect of the XXX-2. It seems quicker than the XXX but to me, more manageable than the hammerhead. One of the most amazing changes in the XXX-2 is how quickly it cleans up and regains flight. This wing was made for combos in mind. I was riding with Brent this weekend. We bolted the wing onto his setup and after getting the wing dialed in, he was trying combo just about everything. He's landed a few combos in the past, but not nearly as clean and consistent as he was during his first set on the XXX-2. During several of the combos, I noticed the board never touched the water during the second invert. Even though it is a re-launcher, it is manageable. But if you want it to re-launch you quickly, it will respond. Needless to say, I could not let this wing go back home. Therefore, I'm the proud owner of a new XXX-2. :biggrin: Great job on this one Marty and Greg!