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06-07-2012, 08:14 AM
Morning everyone!
There has been a lot of buzz and even more questions being asked about X Air, Inc. and its progress. We’d like to answer a few…

X Air, Inc. was formed in April of 2012 in our home state of Georgia. The office location is in Madison, GA, which is only 90 miles to Atlanta, 90 miles to Augusta and 20 minutes to our home lake of Lake Oconee.

After spending the last few years totally immersed in the hydrofoil lifestyle, X Air, Inc. is excited to announce its focus on both bringing the professional end of hydrofoiling to all new and extreme levels, as well as introducing an entirely new generation of hydrofoilers to the sport. The thrill of watching a pro hit a trick that they have been working on for months, and the smile on a person’s face as he/she “flies” for the very first time, are the reasons why X Air, Inc.was formed.

Since April we have been avidly working on meeting with industry professionals in order to find the ultimate quality products that we can offer in the most cost effective ways. We are excited to announce that we are getting exceptionally close to achieving our goals. This being said, we will not provide exact release dates. The last thing that we want is to over promise and under deliver.

In order for you all to be the first to know when these items are ready for purchase, you can “Like” X Air, Inc. on facebook. www.Facebook.com/XAirFoils (http://www.facebook.com/XAirFoils)
The www.XAirFoils.com (http://www.xairfoils.com/) website will go public when the warehouse is stocked and we know that we can consistently and quickly deliver product.

In closing, the support of the hydrofoil community has been absolutely overwhelming! To everyone who has helped us along the way… Thank you!!

More to come soon…

06-07-2012, 08:48 AM
Great to hear, hope the business grows leaps and bounds, excited to see what XAir will have for us foilers..

06-08-2012, 04:36 PM
WHO is X Air? :rolleyes: