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07-26-2013, 04:59 PM
I'd like others to chime in on this review as well, don't let me be the only one to talk about it.

I've been in the industry for over 10 years. There's been a lot of changes to wing designs, shapes, materials, etc. to make them better than others. There were a few of us that worked with Xtreme a few years ago to go from the Mach 2 -> Mach 2.5 -> Mach 3 to the Raptor. The span of these achievements was a couple of years of hard work and testing. In the end I think we achieved the premier front wing design with associated VGs to maximize performance and comfort.

I spent about a year out of the scene last year and came back to the Cobra. Schuy and Fern were the masters of this creation and I knew I had to take a look after speculation surfaced that it was better than the Raptor and Team Edition. I got mine late last year and had a few rides on it, nothing that was considered a jam session or a tournament run with tricks back to back like we'd tested through before.

This summer I've had the pleasure to ride it more and more in many different places on a few different set-ups. Up until this month I hadn't ridden it as hard as the other wings we've ridden built by Xtreme. This month was a game changer in the fact that I REALLY got to see why many consider this wing to be almost vastly superior to all other wings...maybe combined.

- Super soft landings: There's not too many others that go as big as the Xtreme Team. I can remember after riding 2-3 sets a day for 2-3 days I'd almost have a hard time breathing and a far limited mobility in my back due to compression on landings. I've had zero days after riding, even 4-5 set days, when I've had to either pop pain-killers or not ride due to back pain. This was really apparent to me after this past weekend when I rode 6 sets at a local fund raiser. After riding that much I felt as good as I did that morning. I'm sure a lot of you guys can attest to how your back used to feel after riding on the rock tower...the difference in this wing is as big as going from that rock tower to a flex seat! The way these guys harnessed the upward curvature science was a gift to the industry that keeps on giving to new riders all the time...and me every time I ride it and don't have to pop 800mg of ibu.

- Amazing comfort: I can only name about three wing designs that almost anyone could jump on and feel comfortable within 10 minutes. There are so many designs out there that stress 'relaunching' or 'not being able to ride in rough-water'. This wing can be bolted onto a setup and dialed in faster than any I've ever seen. The design can be used by an amateur rider out cruising or a seasoned pro.

- Killer pop: I don't have to state facts about where the sport has gone this year in regards to air-time...just watch posted clips from Xtreme riders. I can only write what I feel when I ride the wing. I was a Raptor guy since early 2011 and felt that the center of gravity was as good as it gets for control and pop. I could slow the boat down to 23-24 mph and boost as big as I did the last season at 26 on the flat wing. This translates to less violent crashes and a wider range for tricks. When I rode the Cobra for the first few times it almost didn't seem like the same design entirely. I was able to sit back on the wing more (a term we use when the foil doesn't exit the water so fast that you aren't ready for it) and go bigger than before. What's really cool now is the amount of air we're getting at slower speeds and new riders being able to be comfortable hitting new inverts slower and safer.

- Did I mention Smooth Landings?!: I'm sitting writing this review after riding this morning feeling so good and healthy. A lot of the guys out there today couldn't believe that after a 15 minute ride someone could get in the boat and just be tired and not sore. This sport really got a lot better for me because of this wing. I know a lot of other people out there who could chime in on this topic and share personal stories so I'll leave the forum open to them to share. What an awesome advancement from Xtreme that I really can't say 'thank you' nearly enough for. I feel that advancements like this are only prolonging my career in the sport and opening doors to others!

If you're considering an investment in the sport and/or an upgrade that will really pay for itself by possibly prolonging your career in the sport or aiding in learning new tricks faster and more effectively, give Bryan or myself a call. I'll have a setup welcome to anyone wanting to try it at the Pine Lake event (if I can work it out with work).

Be safe out there, go big, and namaste.

07-28-2013, 09:29 AM
Thanks for taking the time to post a such a well written review Jake! I can attest to the soft landings of the Cobra changing my life. I had been testing wings for years with another manufacturer. The last wing I was given was the largest flat wing I'd ever ridden. Needless to say the landings were pretty hard. I had gotten to the point that I feared the sharp spike I felt on impact from mid 50 frame airs. I had good reason. On a larger than average wake roll I managed to land with the front wing completely level with the glassy surface. I slipped a disk in my lower back and was in pain from that day forward. At Foilfest last year I was laid up on the couch in the evenings. Ice and pain meds were my night life. Nothing could stop me from riding, so I pushed through the pain. Shu came to me and suggested I try the Cobra. We talked about all the attributes of the wing, particularly the soft landings. I bolted it on my rig and WOW, this was the wing I had been waiting for. I talked to my current sponsor about curved wings and well... I'm an Xtreme rider now. The Cobra lands softer than I can put in to words. Gone is the fear of big air landings. The sharp spike you feel in your back from flat wings is a thing of the past. I've never had the opportunity to ride the other curved wings on the market, but Jake has. The Cobra is the best wing I've ever ridden. I am going bigger with more confidence then I ever have. Big thanks to Xtreme for pushing the sport year after year! Adam Dietrich