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02-18-2015, 09:47 AM
On Valentine’s Day this year we received an awesome treat! After 2 years of additional research and development… the creators of the now internationally famous “Black Board” delivered to us her little sister. Weighing in at a very consistent 7.8 lbs she is composed of the highest quality composite pre-impregnated materials, milled foam core, stainless steel threaded inserts, aluminum rails, Malibu Mark Bindings, molded foot pads, 3/8” seat tower attachment materials, molded strut and bolt holes. She is then laid up in the autoclave for hours … just like her big sister. You have all asked for it and now here she is …

We present to you … “Onyx”

Order Now $1695.00 plus s/h
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02-19-2015, 05:45 AM
1120211203 Here are a few pics of the new Onyx board. As you can see it is made in the same manner and with the same care as our Black board. We put an extensive amount of reaserch into this project as our main concern was to produce a board the you could enjoy and save you a little money along the way. Due to the structural integrity of our board you will not only ride with comfort and adjility, you will ride knowing that you will recieve a higher resale value when you sell it due to old age and your lack of ability to ride.HAHA!

We here at X Air have proven that our extensive efforts, in combination with the greatest composite engineer in the world, build a superior product. And we have proven this time and time again. Our original PRO Level gear has withstood some of the toughest beatings out there, and with this Onyx we plan on having the same reputation. This board will not be replacing our "Black" However It does add to our Superior selection.


X Air

02-19-2015, 09:52 AM
Great to see more choices for boards!

Does the 7.8 lb weight include everything or is just the board itself?

Any comments regarding the difference in composition? I'm guessing the lay up is a little lighter which saves money with less cf. That would fit in with the inclusion of a Kevlar layer. The Kevlar not really adding any structural rigidity, but a nice way to keep the board together if the cf were to fail. I think that is a nice addition.

Yes, with my riding skills I could probably cruise the new Onyx without ever testing it's strength at all. :)

02-21-2015, 12:28 PM
7.8 is the board weight as picture in the above pics.

As for the composition of the board, it is a combination of a few diffrent composites. We did not remove material just replaced it with others. We spent a lot of time working on finding the correct combination of composites, as well as adjusting the direction in which the materials were placed during the layup, in order to come up with product we now call the Onyx. The Onyx's strength derives from its composition along with its layup processes. We feel that the strength of our two boards is quite comparable; however, to change the price we must use diffrent composites, and when using diffrent composits we had to change the weight.

I definitely felt the need to test it in-house rather than offer up constant replacements, hence the reason for the lengthy time between the release of the two boards. Our goal for the Onyx was not to compromise strength to lower the price … it was just to that we had to except the additional weight when using diffrent materials.