View Full Version : yeah Sky Ski! New Lap Belt

01-09-2018, 11:32 AM
I have gone through a number of lap belts over the years from three manufacturers. Since I ride in salt water a lot rusting square rings have been a real problem. They are stainless steel, but some have been of dubious quality. Some have held up better than others. I haven't really found one particular brand of belt better than another in this regard. It really seems to be fluctuations in the quality of the stainless which is hard to determine by a visual inspection. I power spray my set up after every ride with Salt Away, so it has been disappointing to have stainless squares start rusting and wear my belt down. I was stoked to see that Sky Ski has gone to an cnc-ed billet piece that is anodized. For some of us that is a big plus!

Just a reminder that you might want to check your lap belt. Mine was getting fuzzed out, worn where the belt went through the stainless loop and was not holding all that great. I didn't come out of it, but it was ridiculously easy to pull open. Really glad I bought a new one. I just started riding again and I took a big hit. Can't say how I landed because I don't remember. Headache is gone, but the pulled muscles all over attest to a big splat :) Really happy I stayed strapped in. Don't slack off on getting a new belt regardless of who you choose to buy from!

I do want to thank Sky Ski for working to improve the lap belt. It is such a basic, yet indispensable item. The anodized aluminum square just makes it sooo much better.