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  1. ShagnWagn's Avatar
    The defacto upgrade path is to sell and get a used Sky Ski LE38. They are highly sought after. You should be able to pick one up for around $2800-$3400. It is a great upgrade platform, but I would recommend selling the whole ski for a whole new one. I don't like piecing things together because it is a big money gamble if they work together (such as wings), plus it costs much more money. Just my personal opinion anyway.
  2. blmeanie's Avatar
    the yellow seat tower one - that is a shock tower, and is heavy. There are better options now on towers, I would stay away from that one personally. If you are loving the sport, I would recommend looking for something beyond an ss pro, something that will allow you to upgrade piecemeal. Look for a sky ski B39 or Launch setup at least. Foils after the ss pro have the longer tbar and have the bolt patterns to upgrade wings more easily without adapters.

    As soon as you upgrade to an ss pro, get comfortable and like the ride you will want to upgrade again. You can upgrade seat tower, bindings, the board itself but the tbar and wings are more limited.

    good luck in your search