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TX Foilhead

  1. sort of free footpads...

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    If these were memory foam foot pads, I would be in!!!
    i used to run Crocs slides, they don't make them anymore so it's not an option.
  2. Let's set some 2012 goals

    Yes I forgot about the Canadians, go figure, they get all excited because the water is about to freeze over again.

    Texas, the original, and False River which is a little late this year due to Grumpy's grand children. The best time of the year is after Labor Day.
  3. Perfect Pass Hook Up?

    Quote Originally Posted by EricR View Post
    Anyone have a hook up for buying a new Perfect Pass? Or website that sells below retail?
    Skier to Skier for a full setup, some times Jody at Florida inboards will have enough pull off parts to make one. Never been able to beat Skier to Skier on a new one.