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  1. Foiling the A class catamaran

    Hi all,
    if you are interested in following me in the quest of making an a class cat fly go to

    Good foiling to everyone!
  2. WAKEFOIL: Elevate Your Ride



    We’ve all dreamt of flying through the sky without the every day boundaries of life to keep us grounded (gravity, wheels, physics, the ole ball n’ chain etc.) Some find this feeling while snowboarding in chest deep pow, others find it free falling thousands of feet out of planes.

    Now with WAKEFOIL®, this feeling is no more than a boat ride away. With this new set up, you will be flying high behind any boat
  3. major faceplant into the bottom

    Holy CRAP!! That looks brutal. Could have gone a lot worse though. Glad to hear you are ok.
  4. sort of free footpads...

    Quote Originally Posted by Suicidal-Element View Post
    If these were memory foam foot pads, I would be in!!!
    i used to run Crocs slides, they don't make them anymore so it's not an option.
  5. Apache Lake Fly In - October 8-11-2015, BE THERE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tallredrider View Post
    Murphy brought the 10 foot foil. It is like being on an elevator. Here is what happens when the bottom drops out.

    When the elevator is rising you sometimes get stage fright and throw the handle.

    Someone else posted
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