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  1. Sky Ski LEX, Mach III, Falcon custom wings, Adrenaline Dry Suit, Misc. foil gear

    Sky Ski LEX, Custom aftermarket wings, Adrenaline Dry Suit, Miscellaneous foil gear

    Spring Cleaning!! See full picture link at bottom.

    --Sky Ski LEX with shock tower. Anodized Tbar and wings. Cinch strap lap belt and ankle / foot wrap assembly. (Full disclosure) Board is cracked on bottom, ride-able, and is Free. Comes with cover, all velcro works and closes (long zipper inoperable). $1749

    --Custom Wings.
    1 @ Mach 3 (with aftermarket ...

    Updated 2 Weeks Ago at 08:15 AM by (Lowered pricing)

  2. sky ski foils for sale?

    I've outgrown my pro ss and am looking to upgrade to a better Sky ski that has more of a launch. Does anybody have any for sale like that?
  3. Help, what sky ski should I buy?

    Hey guys,

    I need some advice. I’ve been looking for a step up from my first air chair which I bought a few years ago which was like an original air chair with the black one piece hydro foil, no foot pads or straps and a basic plastic seat with little padding. It’s done me well but I feel I need to update to keep progressing, and I have read a lot of good reviews about the sky ski pro ss. The problem is I’m up in central Canada and there’s not a lot of options until recently. ...
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  4. Hello, My name is Dan

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan G View Post
    I have been dragged behind a boat since I was 5. My kids have been dragged behind a boat since they were 4. In the late 90's Air chair came up with I believe was a great marketing plan in that they put alot of skis....foils..... on the market to get exposure. I was lucky enough to be able to rent one for ten bucks an hour. I got up and flew. Fast forward to today! Barefoot,slalom,wakeboard, been there done that. finally got a little cash and thought back on all of what gave me the most pleasure
  5. Looking for Viper rear wing.

    I need a Viper rear wing. If you have one for sale give me a call.

    Rob Johnson. Lake Anna, VA
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