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  1. you are not going to believe this!

  2. hi folks Skidder here. las vegas nv

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    i have a stealth and a V38 for sale i need to move them asap. please contact me at
  3. Perfect Pass Hook Up?

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    Anyone have a hook up for buying a new Perfect Pass? Or website that sells below retail?
    Skier to Skier for a full setup, some times Jody at Florida inboards will have enough pull off parts to make one. Never been able to beat Skier to Skier on a new one.
  4. New ....

    Quote Originally Posted by skylee View Post
    New web site with a pretty cool... FoilPort? What do you guys think of this thing?
    Looks like it'll work...wondering how much it's gona cost$$$
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  5. One more youngster:

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