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Sky Skier needed for overseas Stunt Show
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We are currently accepting submissions for a Sky Skier to perform as a part of a Water Stunt Show in Tianjin, China.

A few details:

Location: Tianjin, China
Dates: March 30 - October 31
# of Shows: 2-4 Shows/day (Up to 6 if necessary, but rare)
Show Elements: Live action stunts, water stunts, water vehicles (Fan Boat, Dolphin Boat, Stand Up Jet Skis, Water Jet Pack), Flame Effects, & Water Cannons.

Requirements: Consistent rolls/gainers on a stock sky ski. Riders will be in relatively tight show course. They are pulled behind a sit down jet ski, with a short rope. In addition, all performers will be expected to learn new rolls, new stunts, fight coreography, and acting with lip sync to chinese voiceover.

We have to hire within 1 week! Must have a valid passport and ready to begin coordinating immediately.

If interested, please email:

*Head Shot
*Action Shots
*Video (optional)