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lake powell 2009 75'x18' houseboat trip week of june 7th plenty of room lets ride!
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we have a large modern houseboat with plenty of room for june 7th to june 14th, 23' Malibu wakesetter with foil racks. wahweap marina
families welcome
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  1. Tortuga's Avatar
    darn i missed it maybe next time
  2. AZAL's Avatar
    totally awesome. water temp 75-78, high temp mid 80's, low 60 at night. rained one night straight down and about 40 minutes one day when we ate lunchin a hugh cave on escalante river. used zero A/C. great large sand beach away from houseboat waves, ate all meals on beach with tiki torches. met Larry-tallman from St George Utah and foiled and ate at his houseboat. thanks Larry and family! Robert and Sushea were awesome and foiled with us. met steve W. from Utah and foiled with him and his son on their new g23 air natique. full view of gunsite the whole time. Daryl broke his seat plate but steve had an extra and that was all the problems we had for 8 days. next trip is june 21-28. anyone going to be foiling at lake Powell then? Robert and sushea will be back with 2 of their grandsons. our 4 yr old did awesome on the kneeboard, going outside the wake with full confidence, getting the whole board in the air, giving his brother high fives and kisses. joey pulled up on the rope so the 4 yr old could slide up and park on his kneeboard as they rode double. had a birthday party for Joey. he stood up on the kneeboard and rode it well. both the 7 and 4 yr old both tried the Jr. skyski. 4 yr old rode on daddy Daryl's lap while he skiddered. great great times. we up river to escalante river, did ice cream at dangling rope, cathedral canyon. maybe the best Powell trip out of the last 15 trips there. it's my favorite place in the world!!! I want my grandsons be have been to Lake Powell 100 times before they granduated from high school. where is everyones favorite place to camp with a houseboat or no houseboat at Powell?