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Dan G

Hello, My name is Dan
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I have been dragged behind a boat since I was 5. My kids have been dragged behind a boat since they were 4. In the late 90's Air chair came up with I believe was a great marketing plan in that they put alot of skis....foils..... on the market to get exposure. I was lucky enough to be able to rent one for ten bucks an hour. I got up and flew. Fast forward to today! Barefoot,slalom,wakeboard, been there done that. finally got a little cash and thought back on all of what gave me the most pleasure and that was that gosh darn Air Chair. Of course I googled and found this forum. I truly hope I have not "missed the boat". My kid's and I are addicted! Nothing goes on the boat but the Sky Ski. By the way they are 28 and 24 so that let's you know where I am. The best I could do was a cast Ski sky. All of us are flying great! What a ***********ball!I am crazy about this so I just bought another billet ski and have a performance strut and foil combo coming from Mr. Murphy.(who is still way so awesome). I have many questions. This forum is so incredible. Everyone is so sharing......usually there is the wisehimer know it all. Not so in this case. Guess that's what makes this place so awesome. U guys are incredible. Your skills are incredible. I have some questions about this darty new board and the even dartier new setup.
Thank you so much,
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