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What's a Flyin?

A Fly-In is nothing more than a group of people getting together that share the same extreme passion for the sport of Hydrofoiling. Along with the passion comes a lot of new friends that are more than willing to help you learn the sport and improve your riding ability. It is sanctioned by the United States Water Ski Association and the United States Hydrofoil Association. It is classified as a Class "F" Tournament or Fun Tournament. It is the best place to learn new tricks, learn how to ride or try different Hydrofoils. There are Fly-Ins located all across the U.S. and several other Countries. For a list of events check the calendar here on or check

Who Should Go To A Fly-In?

Any person of any ability is welcome. It is the perfect place to either learn how to foil, or head out with the pros and learn front flips, etc. Even if you have never foiled, it is the place to learn since there are so many people who can quickly get you up and on your way to our addiction.

How Long Does A Fly-In Last?

Usually 3 or 4 days (Thurs or Fri through Sunday). Some people come early and leave late. Some can only make it for a day. Work with the Fly-In coordinator to make sure they know your plans.

How Much Does A Fly-In Cost?

Costs vary from Fly-In to Fly-In. It can be anywhere from free to $250 depending on sleeping accommodations. Most Fly-Ins have campsites that can be reserved for people bringing campers/tents. Some like the TN-Flyin rent houseboats so the cost of the rentals have to be absorbed which increases the price of the Fly-In, but adds a whole new dimension to the friendships that you will develop. Gas money is USUALLY figured into the Fly-In registration cost, so that will usually cover the weekend. But if you come early or stay late, please help out the boat drivers with gas money. There is usually a raffle or auction to try to cover gas costs/added expenses. Food is usually not provided, so plan on bringing your own or finding a place to eat.

What Boat Should I Ride On When I'm There?

At a Fly-In, you need to learn to not be shy. That is very hard for some people, but the boat drivers assume if people are sitting up on the shore, they are tired and not ready to go ride. If you hear any boat driver say they are going out, please feel free to ask them for a ride. Unless they already have too many people going with, they will ALWAYS say, “Grab your ski and lets go ride”. But it does take a little initiative on your part since the boat drivers have no idea who has already ridden that day, and who wants to rest. All the boats at a flyin are there to pull everyone, so if a boat is sitting, find the boat driver and ask for a pull. Also, try to ride in different boats with different riders. You will meet some amazing people in this sport.

Can I Bring My Own Boat

Bringing your own boat is possible, HOWEVER, you have to be a trained driver, and your boat must have the proper insurance in order to be allowed to tow riders at a USHA sanctioned event. Contact the Fly-In organizer for more information.

What Should I Bring?

Ski and foil bag – please invest in a foil bag to cover your wings/t-bar – it will save a lot of wear and tear on the boats and people at Fly-Ins.
Gear Bag (easier to have all your gear/life vest/gloves/rope/towel/etc in one bag – Scuba Dive bags work great for that purpose)
Advil/Motrin/etc – Learning is sometimes painful
Tools and bolts - Always good to have a few extras just in case
Shims - some water reacts differently. It's good to have a shim kit to dial in your ski
Rope and Handle (most people use their own rope and handle so if a trick goes wrong, you don’t mess up someone else’s equipment)
Gloves - if you wear them while riding
Helmet – Helmets are highly recommended
Wetsuit – At Fly-Ins, weather can be unpredictable. A wetsuit will allow you to ride in almost all conditions.
Sandals - something easy to take on and off. It is common courtesy to not wear shoes, etc while riding in someone’s boat. Make sure your sandals can be removed easily before entering a boat.
Camera – Video and Still – you will see amazing things at a Fly-In
Food and Drinks

Additional Info

The biggest draw of a Fly-In always revolves around the people you meet. The skiing is always great, but the things you learn and the people you meet are what make Fly-Ins so successful. Where else can you go and get free lessons from some of the best riders in the world?

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