Mobes - Ball-n-chain

Before attempting a mobe, a rider should be able to taxi expertly, and do most, if not all inverted tricks.

  1. Ride Wrapped
    • Can you ride wrapped? If not, start doing that. Work on keeping the hydrofoil under control at all times, including crossing the wake. Work up until you can cut fairly hard while in the wrapped position.
  2. After you are comfortable cutting hard wrapped, while keeping the foil in full control, strap a helmet on and prepare mentally for the trick.
  3. From just across the wake from where you want to throw the trick, cut out to the other side, keeping line tension tight, but at least starting out, you won't want the full line tension of a full on cut. The further you cut up, the less tension you will have, so avoid getting all the way next to the boat in "gainer territory".
  4. Initiate the jump the same way you would to throw a gainer. Don't let go of the wrap until the foil has completely exited the water.
  5. As the foil exits, the rope will begin to pull you around. Think about pointing your butt to the boat. Stay forward, meaning keep your chest forward over your knees (but not all the way down).
  6. Try to keep your handle arm in and down. Letting it out doesn't do anything but make this trick harder and hurt your shoulder. If you let your other arm flail, it's ok, but you will look funny.
  7. As soon as you let go of the wrap, start trying to 'see' where you are. You can use the handle and rope to gain your orientation (look for the handle)
    • The first few, you will be moving fast, and not seeing anything.
  8. As the foil comes around, and you can spot the landing (look for water!), get the other hand on the handle, and pull the foil down to meet the water.

  • It is important to wear a helmet while learning this trick.