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  1. Esprit de corps - camaraderie of fellow foilers 
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    It is hard to find an analogy for the camaraderie of fellow foilers. Rarely is a passion shared across ages, culture, race, and gender lines such as this. How many sports can be enjoyed by a 5 - 70+ age group? Thank about it…. This sport brings people together. I hope to promote this bond, and this sport.

    I have owned a foil for about 2 years, and met some in the hydrofoil community now for about 3 months. My first fly-in was the Ga Mountain Fly-In this past weekend.

    Esprit de corps is the best description I have found to describe the fellowship I felt at the Ga Mountain fly-in.

    • es·prit de corps
    • Pronunciation: \is-ËŒprÄ“-dÉ™-ˈkȯr\
    • Function: noun
    • Etymology: French
    • Date: 1780
    : the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group

    I am fairly new to hydrofoiling, but I have lived life long enough to grasp the weight of the fellowship that existed at this event. Many more to come for me…. I thank all involved. I thank especially Cliff, Lisa, and their close friends involved for their efforts, and hard work – the fly-in was a success. I thank my coaches (i.e. Eric, Brad, Will, Keith, Keith, Eric, Chris, Ernie, Shannon, Jason et al) ... my peers close to my skill level … even the students who allowed me to coach them as if even I knew something they didn’t. I even thank my wife and 3 year old son who came to the event to see why I was so excited. Just prior to heading home, someone asked my 3 year old – little Will – if he saw his dad do a flip. And, after seeing some of the pros prior to my flip, he said, “Daddy do little flip.” I have my work cut out for me.

    It is good to be a part of this community. Look out for a fly-in in coastal Georgia or South Carolina – my roots – for next year.

    Pics and video to follow from the Ga. Mountain Flyin ….

    Finally … I’ll share – not the trick, but the video/pic after the trick … through my evolution… everyone must remember theirs… what fun…

    Doc Will “No Shine” from Savannah….
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