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  1. World Record Birthday Sponsorship Request 
    Just posting to let anyone interested know that 2 weeks from today, I will be setting out to break the record for the most flips in one hour on my 38th birthday, October 20th. I have both The Water Skier and the Water Ski Mags coming out, as well as a few other local publications to document everything. Brad Scott has volunteered to be my official qualifier to make this an official Guinness world record if I am successful. I am looking forward to the event here on the Chain of lakes, and will be filming it with 3 different cameras so that I can put a short DVD together, and probably post it to you tube and other medias. If anyone is interested in supporting this event, I am looking to promote 2 organizations during the filming and photos. Gold and Silver sponsorships, $500/$250. You should get your money's worth, given the media that will be involved.

    Rather than make tons of calls to people who may or may not have any ad money this year, I figured I would just post something here. These sponsorships will go towards the expenses that are associated with the production of this attempt.

    BTW, if I am unsuccessful, a complete refund will be made on the sponsorship money.

    Thanks for your attention.


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    I would think that Bay Area Water Sports would step up to the plate. Don't they already sponsor you?
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    Good Luck

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    Good Luck Geno
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  5. Update - sponsorships SOLD! 
    East Coast Hydrofoils (Brad and Shannon Schmidt) have stepped up and secured the Silver Sponsorship level. Thanks Guys!

    And as you know, Sky Ski and Eagle are my current sponsors for all of my activities, so a big thanks goes out to them.

    And Eagle has stepped up for the Gold!

    So thanks to:
    Eagle Wetsuits -
    East Coast Hydrofoils -
    Sky Ski -

    These are the companies that support our sport. Pay them back if you get the chance.

    Thanks again!

    Geno Yauchler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geno View Post
    ...I will be setting out to break the record for the most flips in one hour on my 38th birthday...
    What is the current record for the most flips in one hour on your 38th birthday?

    Seriously, Good Luck.


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    Good Luck Geno!

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    Good Luck!!

  9. most flips 
    good luck from what i saw in Texas you should do well

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    Anyone know how we can find out how the record attempt is going today?

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