Just wanted to inform all of you of what happened yesterday. Here is a detailed list of who and what went on:
Date: October 20th, 2009 – Geno’s 38th birthday party
Start time: 9:45am
Finish time: 10:45am
Location: Lake Eloise, Winter Haven, FL
Cypress Gardens Lake
I made 25 passes between the canal that goes to Lulu, the lake I live on, and the South pick up dock where guests used to load to travel to the North side of the park. So I passed the gardens ski show area that many times. Longest show they have had in years! I was using the entire lake in practice, as the lake was calm then, but with the wind yesterday, I had to run the shorter, calmer pattern described above. So, if you are interested, here’s how the passes went down:
If you count only the full passes(all but the last), I averaged 34 flips per pass.
I did 13.766666 flips per minute
One flip every 4.358 seconds

Before I started this, I calculated how many I needed to do in a specific time, to keep myself on track of my goal, which was 800 prior to the attempt. Originally, I had considered attempting 900, but after practicing that pace in a 20 minute period, I decided it was too taxing on my body in my current condition. So, I went with 100 every 7 ½ minutes, with 8 total 7 ½ minute sections, making it easy to keep my pace. Brad Scott was my reporter for the event, letting me know each sections pace by writing my progress on a dry erase board and showing it too me until I could read it. (we used a big board cause I have short sight)
7 ½ min. sectionSection Flips
1 102

2 110

3 95

4 106

5 96

6 101

7 107

8 111

I tried to model myself like a runner, saving some of my energy for the end. This is not an easy thing for me to do, as I am used to exploding all of my energy in a trick pass that lasts 5 minutes in a tournament. So I had to practice, do cardio workouts in excess of 1 hour that burned aprox. 1100 calories at a clip, and stay focused on the task at hand. Believe me, it wasn’t easy. From diet, to exercise, to laying off some of my vices like drink and cheese, it was all worth it. I weighed in at around 178 before I decided to do this record. Today, October 21st as I write this, I weighed in at 163. I feel great, other than a bit sore, but I am going to keep up the workouts, but maybe not for as long.

I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this, and there were a bunch, for without all of you, there is no way I could have done this. Heck, just to go skiing you need at least one or two buddies, right? It takes others to achieve your goals, and if you have a good friend and acquaintance base, you are off to a great start.

I would like to thank the sponsors who have donated their time and money to this effort:
Sky Ski Hydrofoil Company (Don and Jake)
Eagle Sports Wetsuit Company (Chuck and Michelle)
East Coast Hydrofoil Sales (Brad and Shannon)
Cypress Water Sports Master Craft Boat Dealership (Billy and crew)

And I would also like to thank all that were present or behind the scenes:
(forgive me if I did not mention your name)

Angela Yauchler - wife / putter upper with me, er
Mike Hanson - USSA President / Qualifier / Tow boat driver
Hunter Hanson - Timer
Brad Scott - USHA President / Qualifier / Business Partner
Mike Youtsler - Tow boat videographer camera 1 / Business Partner
Gene and Judy Yauchler - Parents - pontoon boat owner/operator
Chris Harris - Counter
Joe Sawaska - fellow foiler / vid camera 2
Ryan Bergeron - fellow foiler / vid camera 3
Greg Luce - long time friend and boat #2 owner/driver

Ledger Photograper & Story writer
Water Ski - Bill Doster photographer / vid camera 4
- Todd Ristorcelli editor /
Tom Reid Professional Videographer vid cam 5 & Winter Haven Resident (High Def baby!!!)
Tom’s boat driver

USA Water Ski – Water Skier
Lynn Novakofski - usaws Photographer / Inspiration
Angela Yauchler - yea, I mentioned her twice!
Bob and friend - amateur cypress gardens videographer cam 6 with nothing to video now that the gardens have closed!
Greg Soroosh – Jet Ski Gatorade/water drop off expert / fellow skier
Bill Von Zabern – Previous unofficial one hour flip record holder / inspiration

Thanks again USA Water Ski and The Water Skier Mag, Newschief, and Water Ski for making this event that much more special. Keep up the great coverage!

BTW, the fun didn’t stop there. After we finished up on the water and recorded everything with the proper paperwork, we then went to Lunch at Azteca’s Mexican restaurant, my favorite and within walking distance from my home, then we watched some old and new gardens movies, my buddy Joe and my wife skied, we tooled around a few of the lakes on the chain, then crashed out. What a way to celebrate a birthday! Awesome.

Geno Yauchler
Winter Haven FL