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    Quote Originally Posted by QuikSSilver View Post
    I wont say anything about who makes the best boat as thats way to broad a topic.... and could never truly be determined. but I will be the first in line to say that Mastercraft(mastercrap as we call it) is CERTAINLY not the best.... far from it actually! I always feel bad for anyone that has bought a newer one....and suggest they ditch that thing quick!!
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    With the metalflake gelcoat and the all the billet aluminum trinkets a Mastercraft has hydrofoiler written all over it.

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    they do look bad ass. A lot of cool machined aluminum parts.... X-25 looks pretty cool. Not 100% sold on it though....
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    Lots of cool boats out there. And a lot of descent boats with some crappy components. One in particular that we use a LOT is the tower. We as a rider are typically big, strong guys, and we ride 30 - 40 lbs anchors. With my SkySki I'm over 250 lbs & I know many of you are bigger still. Combined with all the tricks we throw, crashes, not letting go easily, loading the tower up with speakers, and loading it up with foils, boards, etc. If a tower is junk, we will expose it as junk. So whatever boat you pick, don't get a crappy tower....... ie; in my book that includes ANYTHING made by Metcraft (Malibu Illusion, Centurion swoop, Tige, Calabria), and a good amount of Mastercraft towers.

    I have a Titan II on my Malibu...... loaded with 100 lbs of speakers, 2 foil racks & board racks for 4 boards. It's about as solid as any other tower I've ever seen. I also ride with about a dozen other guys who have Titans on their boats, all heavily loaded, and I have never seen any broken welds or cracked fiberglass at all.

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    i have a 05 mobius lsv, it is my second one they are great boats. if you go in big lakes that get lots of waves go with a mobius xlv bigger handles bad water good

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