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    WHAT??? Dude, call me. I didn't know this was going on.....damn it.

    I can remember when you first got him. WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY for a big dog. But that's what made him fun. We had so much fun with him at the dunes, camping, etc. I love him almost as much as you do. Sad day, but he will go to a better place.

    Love ya man. Talk to ya soon.

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    I had a golden lab 30 years back, use to live on a farm, then due to reasons beyond my control, I had to move into town. the nieghbour kids use to come over and throw the ball for timber for hours. he would follow them to school and the school would phone and ask to come pick him up. so finaly I felt bad he didn't have farm space to run around, so posted an add, free to farmer with lots of space. Awesome, a local rancher shows up, has tons of acres for him to play on, gave us his address so we could come see him. so two months later, we went for a drive. only to find timber tied to a 20 foot chain to the light pole and a leather shoe lace around his neck??? so needles to say, I went back after dark, lurked around the buildings to get close enough, was laying against the tidy tank for cover and called him over, he was so dam happy to see me, his tail was banging against the tidy tank, rolling around on his back cause the chain wasn't quite long enough to reach me, his paws wacked me in the face and gave me a bleeding nose ,, so end of story, finally got his leash off and ran back to the car. man was he happy to be off the chain and the neighbourhood kids had someone to play with again. If there was a doggie heaven, timbers got another play mate now,,, here's one for you Beau.
    Great story!
    Sorry for your loss!
    Appreciate every single thing you have, especially your friends!
    Life is too short and friends are too few!

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    I had to put my Cassie girl down just a couple weeks ago. Its very very hard, I feel for you. Here she is in better days.
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