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  1. New Members READ THIS!!!!!! 
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    New Members READ THIS!!!!

    Due to an overwhelming number of spambots trying to register to our site, you will need a username and password in order to get to the registration page.
    The username is:

    the password is:

    First of all, Welcome to Foilforum. You have come to THE place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this sport! Enjoy the forums.

    We have been getting innundated by "spammers" trying to get accounts on our system. I have been removing their accounts as soon as they try to register. HOWEVER, I may have inadvertantly removed a "real" account, so please pm me if you don't get an acceptance email from Foilforum within a day or two.

    1.) You MUST post a message in the "Introduce Yourself" forum before you are allowed to post or reply anywhere else

    2.) You will have limited privileges for the first 5 posts (no uploading of attachments, etc)

    3.) If you can't get registered, PM me. We are getting tons of bogus user requests that I've been deleting. I may have deleted a real one by accident.

    Hopefully this will keep the spammers at bay for awhile anyway.

    Thanks for joining and welcome to the family!
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