Thread: Canadian Charlie Newlands showing his editing skills

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  1. Canadian Charlie Newlands showing his editing skills 
    Geno Yauchler

    Showing off the Anser Hydrofoil Manufactured by: Sky Ski

    This hydrofoil is creamy. I have never been on a better riding ski. And I am not just saying that cause it makes me a small profit. It's SICK... Come on down and give it a ride.

    On a side note, if your ski isn't giving you all the love you are looking for, and you don't want to pony up for a new ride, let me know. I can give you a reasonable quote to tune it up. Been doing that for 15 years, and can make even the most hideous foil purr like a kitten...
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    I will second that!!! Geno will tune your foil to be better than ever.
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