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  1. The WHO is WHO of Big Air. 
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    TO GET ON THE LIST: PM me info about your trick. I will add names to the list as I get them. In the PM PLEASE include a little detail about the trick in this format. Frame count (xx.x), Name, Speed(of boat), rope length(with handle and release), ski info(t-bar and wings, top half optional), Trick (other info optional, ie: sling, cheater tower, boat, etc.) I can also add a link to your video if you send it. I will not host or post your video on youtube/vimeo.

    COUNTING FRAMES: Find the specifications for the camera you are using. Most manufactures offer specification on their websites. You are looking how many FRAMES PER SECOND (fps) the video is recorded in. Some camera's adopted the 35mm standard of 24fps. Most european countries and Austrailia are using PAL because they run their electricity at 50hz. PAL is 25fps. PAL that has be converted to NTSC at 30fps. Most North American Camera's use 30 or 60 fps.
    The system we use now is based off NTSC and 30fps. Under this standard the counting begins when the front wing is first seen breaking the surface of the water. That is ZERO. The frame count stops when any part of the hydrofoil touches the water. Crashes are not counted. If you film with 24, 25, 60, or even 300 fps the count is ratio-ed back to 30fps. Divide 30 by the fps used to record the trick and then multiply by the frame count.

    ex. 40 frames NTSC (24fps) is 30/24 = 1.25 1.25 x 40(frames) = 50 frames.
    ex. 40 frames PAL (25fps) is 30/25= 1.2 1.2 x 40(frames) = 48 frames.

    To add your video please send me a link.

    To view the submitted video click the frame number.
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