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  1. Need more basic info on foiling 
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    Ok, i read to prevent rising too high on the t-bar to place a velcro strap around it. I dont know where it should be placed, at the top, middle or bottom?

    Next, i wrote earlier about how when we raise too far off the water, the foil comes out and we crash. Response was, thats normal. But in the videos i see riders skimming the foil across the top of the water and they arent crashing! Are they going much faster, have a bigger foil, or ?

    Do bigger people need bigger foils? I mean a 100 pound rider will have more lift than a 250 pound rider, so should the foil be sized differently?

    I see rope releases listed as a good safety item. I cant go manual type as sometimes i'm the only adult in the boat and i'm driving. The adjustable releases seem very expensive at $650 bucks. Is there an automatic release that is more affordable?(that works). I see it taking a lot of tension to pull my 250 pound body up out of the water, but a lot less to rip a finger or arm injury if something goes wrong. I'm not sure if the release set to get me to plane would still provide any protection? Some feedback from others who have had mishaps, say a rope caught in the foil, would be helpful.....


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    Im not sure about the strap, but the foil coming out of the water and losing lift causing the board to slap the water is normal. The best advice I can give is get as much seat time as you can!!! I went through the same thing. Over time you will adjust to the foil, ride at a comfortable speed, and have more control it just takes seat time. Hours and hours of seat time.

    Yes in videos posted here on the forum people can skip the foil off of the water. (skidder) Again this is something they have learned over time. There are many size wings front and rear that are available. I am about 175lbs and ride a xxx/ufo wing combination. Im sure there are people much larger and smaller that ride the same wings. This should not be an issue. Not sure what you are riding???

    As far as releases a reasonable way to go in my opinion is a cinch release. You can find cinch products and contact information in the Gear reviews/Questions section of the forum.

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    The velcro strap should go towards the bottom of the foil so that it stays in the water.

    For the skidders, people are leaning back a lot more and usually going at least 20 mph. When you pop out of the water and crash, it's because you're not leaning back and setup trying for the skidder. I've found it is easier to do a skidder with a bigger front wing, but it's not necessary at all. The rear wing can make a big difference as well in my experience.

    As was mentioned, the cinch release can be had for $75 to $110 here depending on if you want the manual release option on it or not. It's works but is not nearly as exact as far as when it will release.

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    The velcro strap or piece of rope is to keep the wings from flying at all, your getting up already don't use it. Some people find it helps at first with beginners to just get the board on the surface and not have to worry about it flying at all, past that it's of no use.

    Seat time, seat time, seat time, this ain't wakeboarding. Getting up, learning to jump anywhere and possibly getting an invert would be a very good first year. Work on things on both sides of the boat then once tricks start to come they'll happen faster because your comfortable in more places.

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    RE: Velcro - Some people tie a small piece of rope to the bottom of the T-Bar to add drag. This helps new riders keep the board on the water. When I've tried this the rope had about a 6 inch tail after the knot. New riders should also learn the Superman position. This is where you bend at the waist and lean forward towards the boat with your arms extended in front of you so you look like Superman. Then you can slowly sit up and learn to control the ski's lift.

    RE: Bigger people & Bigger foils - Riders set up, tune their foils based on their size & skill level and speed. I'm 215lbs. If I have someone lighter than me riding my foil I usually reduce lift by changing the shim on the rear wing or slowing the boat down. Setup is a personal preference. I currently ride a Max-Air which is one of the smaller wings available.

    Anyhow, get in as much riding time as you can. If you use the string/drag method, only use that temporarily so you're not relying on it. Make sure your seated properly on. the ski. You want to sit on the front part of the seat & have the strap as tight as you're comfortable with. If you sit too far back it will make it harder to keep the foil from rising up. Take video and watch your technique. Post them here for advice. Have lots of fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arm View Post
    Take video and watch your technique. Post them here for advice. Have lots of fun!

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