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Thread: Chain of Records Show March 31st - April 5th, 2015

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  1. Chain of Records Show March 31st - April 5th, 2015 
    I would like to officially invite all consistent invert riders to an event to be hosted by Pro Action Sports in Winter Haven FL next spring. Here are the details:

    What: Chain of Records Show - Simply put, we will be attempting to set and break as many water ski records as possible at one event. New record ideas are being suggested every day, and if we have the people and the time, we will be trying for between 30-50 Guinness and USA WaterSki Certified records during this time.

    When: March 31-April 5 - Basically the early start during the week is for practice. For those that cannot be around for the whole time that is OK. Our tentative schedule will see most of the records being set and broken between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon, with after parties scheduled Friday and Saturday night.

    Where: Winter Haven Florida - We have selected roughly 5 lakes to do the records on, and the hydrofoil records will be set most likely on the Chain of Lakes. There are 16 lakes all connected, and when we are not setting records we will be out free riding. Of course everyone is welcome to participate if they qualify for the other ski records, and spectators are always welcome. We would also welcome extra boats and organizers for anyone willing to volunteer.

    Media: We are looking at several outlets for media to include the Water Ski Magazine, The Waterskier, Local newspapers, and webcasting just to name a few.

    What are all the records? Here is what I have so far: (keep in mind this will most likely shift and change)

    Water ski Jump Records: Lake Silver (Cypress Gardens Ski Team Site) Grassy Lake (Lucky Lowe’s Lake) Saturday & Sunday
    1. Most ski jumpers off of a 14’ regulation ski jump at one time-
    2. Most front flips off of a 14’ regulation ski jump at one time-
    3. Most waterskiers off a single ski ramp at 1 time-
    4. Most waterskiers front flipping off 1 ramp at once -
    5. Most waterskiers back flipping off 1 ramp at once -
    6. Most waterskiers doing 360° spins off 1 ramp simultaneously -
    7. Most WaterSkiers doing a Mobius off 1 ramp at once –

    Barefoot Water Ski Records: Lake Eloise (Chain of Lakes) Friday early morning
    1. Most front barefoot water skiers behind one boat-
    2. Most back barefoot water skiers behind one boat-
    3. Largest Barefoot Pyramid

    Sit Down Hydrofoil Records Lake Eloise (Chain of Lakes) Thursday for individual records, and Weekend for group records
    1. Tallest sit down hydrofoil
    2. Most consecutive back flips in a row on a sit down hydrofoil (combos)
    3. Most flips on a sit down hydrofoil in 1 minute-
    4. Most flips on a sit down hydrofoil in 10 minutes-
    5. Most simultaneous hydrofoil inverts at one time behind one boat -
    6. Most Hydrofoil riders towed behind one boat -
    7. Most Mobius' (full twisting inverts) on a sit down hydrofoil at once

    Miscellaneous (Most)
    1. Most different Lakes skied on in one day by one person -
    2. Most 360° swivel water skiers behind one boat -
    3. Most water ski world records at one event-
    4. Most people waterskiing on a single water ski-
    1. Most people waterskiing on a single pair of water skis
    2. Most people on a single water ski disc
    3. Most kneeboard riders behind one boat
    4. Most wakeboarders behind one boat
    5. Most tubes behind one boat
    6. Most disabled waterskiers behind one boat
    7. Most backwards skiers behind one boat
    8. Most skiers behind a boat on one rope
    9. Most different types of water ski apparatus’ behind one boat
    10. Most doubles couples behind one boat
    11. Most trio Couples behind one boat
    Miscellaneous (Largest, Widest & Longest)
    12. Largest Pair of water skis ever made
    13. Largest Single Water Ski Ever Made
    14. Largest water ski disc ever made
    15. Widest water ski ramp ever made-
    16. Longest water ski
    17. Longest backwards waterski run

    We are just getting things organized, so please bear with us. For now, I just wanted to get the word out so people can plan, and we don't step on other events. I hope to see you at the event and parties that go with it in the spring!

    All details as they come can be found on Facebook "under this is the tour" with the event name "Chain of records show"



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    I did say consistent inverters, but for the record, most hydrofoilers behind one boat, you only need to be a good rider, you don't have to flip. Can you imagine? 40 people trying to flip at once... ridiculous! Anyway, if you can come down and bring your foil, and you can jump and cross the wakes without falling, then you will most likely be in. I need as many as possible! Keep in mind we are working on having a 900 HP triple motor 21' show ski boat for this. The most water skiers this boat can pull was 72. So we will need you, your rope, your foil, and maybe 2 more ropes to add to your rope. We will probably need 300 foot lines for each rider, depending on how many people we have. It will be sick! It will be televised and part of our history. I hope you can come.
    This is the facebook link. Hope it works. Anyway, have a good week!

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