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    Anybody have one? and how do you like it? Found one for a good price.........
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    I have the same year and model. I have been very happy with it. It's an Indmar setup, so no complaints there, and I've been very happy with how it has held up over the years. Any negative comments I have about the boat istelf are pretty small. I don't like the way the dash vibrates when the stereo is turned up, and I don't like the placement of the rocker switches by the armrest. The movable stadium seat hardware hasn't held up well, but I seldom move it from where it's supposed to be anyway. I don't like the way Supra did their carpet; I wish it was snap in. To me those are really small complaints. The boat has been really solid since day one.

    Now I'll tell you what I think about the wake. It is very sensitive to weight distribution left/ right, and it will wash out on one side if you don't pay attention. You can also build a really nice big wake at surf and wakeboard speeds, but it quickly disappears at upper hydrofoiling speeds. With 2200 lbs I have a really nice wake at 22 to 24 mph, but at 28mph the wake looks almost the same as it does unloaded. It's not a bad wake unloaded, but it looks nothing like a friend's 24v. I would expect that it's similar to any other boat that size.

    Overall it has been a great boat with minimal problems. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

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