Thread: Chain of records event - MOST FOILERS BEHIND ONE BOAT RECORD BROKEN!

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  1. Chain of records event - MOST FOILERS BEHIND ONE BOAT RECORD BROKEN! 
    In case you haven't heard, we had quite a busy weekend, including breaking over 25 world records. One of them was the most riders behind one boat, which previously was 15. It is now 24, and you can check out the video on facebook or on our web page

    or on youtube @

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    maybe you like youtube better, but at
    you get THE video in HD

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    my wife just made a comment that there are over $37,000 worth of foils behind one boat

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    More like over $50,000. My ski alone is worth about $6k, and a lot of the folks had high end foils. If it averaged $2500 it would be $60,000. That has to be the record for the most expensive water ski pull ever!

  5. 2017 Chain of records - World Record for Most Hydrofoil Riders 
    Attention all Hydrofoil riders! We are now seeking more hydrofoilers for the Chain of Records event in Florida this spring. The dates for the entire event are April 19-23rd, but you only have to be at the record lake for a half day on Saturday, April 22nd. For more details, please check out: or

    Also find us on FB at

    The current record is 24 riders set by us in 2015. My goal is 50, but depends on how many riders we can get down to Florida this spring. Please share this if you can.

    Thanks. Hope to see you there!!!


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    Shoot for 145....


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    I would love to join in. Wish I was retired and had unlimited days off!

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