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    Ok thank you for the input.

    Had a foil years ago and just bought a new one last summer and I have been hooked ever since

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ict316 View Post
    I feel like I'm fighting to keep the foil in the water. I didn't know if I need to change how I sit in the seat or if I needed to do some shimming.
    The other post have covered shimming & seat position, So I'll add one more factor - line tension.
    BTW - You don't look too hunched over fighting the foil down.

    When you cut quickly you gain speed which increases the lift. You also increase the line tension.
    When you stop your cut the speed and lift remain, but the line tension drops. The line tension helps hold the foil down. So when there's slack in the line the foil will want to rise up.

    Get consistent and comfortable with your cuts.
    Initiate your jumps with the line tension, especially out in the flats.
    Have fun! You'll be ready to try an invert in no time.

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    I am following this thread. I have about the same riding ability as the OP. I feel like I am ready to get upside down. I have tried twice and just under rotated. I think that was a factor of speed or lack there of. I will try to get some video on one of my next rides.

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