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  1. Help starting a vintage hydrofoil collection 
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    As many of you know, I have a pretty extensive collection of hydrofoils. Most of what I have is newer assemblies of most of the manufacturer's highest performance parts and I have really enjoyed comparing their characteristics. I got so excited when a new wing or tower was released because it gave me something new to try. I think I enjoyed playing with different part combinations as I did improving my skills (maybe thats why I'm not very good).

    Over the last year or two there have not been many new parts developed/released so that got me thinking that it might be fun to go back to the vintage hydrofoils and start collecting/riding them. As I was discussing this concept with other hydrofoilers the more excited I got about the prospect of preserving the evolution of hydrofoils.

    Here is where I need help, I have limited knowledge of the evolution of the sport and what hardware would make sense to collect and preserve. I would like suggestions of what skis I should be on the look out for and help finding vintage skis in restorable condition.

    Let me know your thoughts,

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    I would start by picking Bob and Mike's brains. I have seen Mike's CF tbar and wings. A must to add to anyone's foil collection (might be the only one left)!

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    There was an original powder coated Air Chair for sale locally on Craigslist for $250 . It looked to be in perfect condition. I thought it would be a cool wall hanger/ conversation piece for the shop. Unfortunately it sold before I could get to it.
    I had a lot of my best crashes on one of those old chairs. Hopefully it will come up for sale again when they realize how tough those were to ride and they decide to upgrade.

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    I have original powder coated air chair but stripped coating. Foil in good shape if interested but can't let it go for $250 but will work with you if interested

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    It is cool to see the old skis. When you get some old foils put up some pictures up. If they are able to ride it would be fun to get with you to ride them.
    The sport has changed so much from when I bought my first cast ski in 2004.

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