I will be organizing some folks to get together and ride until we can't go anymore in September at Sand Hollow reservoir, near St. George, Utah.

It is not a great place for a true fly-in as there is only camping at the lake, but it is a terrific area to come visit if you've never been. Most will be staying in various places in town, and a few locals are attending.
There is a small restaurant on the water, so typical plan is to arrive at 9 am, eat at the restaurant from noon to 1pm, and then ride all afternoon.
Saturday evening we will probably meet at a local restaurant in town. I will try and get out and ride Thursday evening if I can swing it.

The water is nice and warm and usually the weather is excellent at this time of year.

Zion National Park is nearby, and the Grand Canyon is about 2 hours away, if you wanted to come early and make a longer vacation out of it.

I will want a head count as we get closer to be sure to have enough boats. There are no fees, but tipping the boat owner would be acceptable. I will try to aim for a ratio of 4-5 riders per boat.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Here is @Greg hitting his personal best wake roll at 55 frames last year at this same gathering: