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  1. Advice on swimdeck flooring. 
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the hobby and wanting to add some protective flooring to my swim platform to hold up against the inevitable gelcoat scrapes and scratches from hydrofoil blades. Online I've seen material from SeaDek and from Black Tip Jetsports. It looks like the SeaDek is a bit fancier but also more expensive and softer which makes me think it could be easily damaged by foil blades. The Black Tip material appears to be more like rubber so it seems like it would be more durable but again, I'm only going by what I can tell by looking at it online. Has anyone had experience with either of these? Are there other options to consider?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    I tried a patch of SeaDek on my swim platform and the tbar slices right through it. It lasted all of a couple of rides it seems, even though you try not to push the ski very hard onto the swim platform.

    I debated just applying Rhino Liner. I even applied once some aluminum stick tape, but it did not seal well to the countours of my platform (that stuff requires a flat surface). If my platform were completely square along the edge I need to protect, it would have worked pretty well.

    Blacktip might be the ticket, it certainly looks tougher than SeaDek. Keep us updated on what you find.

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