Thread: Wisconsins new no spotter law. Got busted! Sorta.

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  1. Wisconsins new no spotter law. Got busted! Sorta. 
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    We were out riding on a hot Saturday today and noticed the local boat patrol was ticketing everyone in site, Boat to boat. he never even turned off his blue lights between stops. I had heard that he even gave my nephew a $150.00 ticket for no life vest on a paddle board just a few yards from our beach. Paddle board without a paddle, no problem. With a paddle (propulsion) problem. Oh My!

    Anyhow, we just had to test the new no spotter law. We figured we just gotta get this cops attention. I get on my foil. Fly right past him while he's giving out another ticket to someone. It took a couple of more passes until he was done with the other boater. Sure enough he comes chasing me down. Explains exactly why he was giving us a citation. And the fact that several people had already called in to the department to complain about a boat pulling a skier without a spotter. Very politely. I informed him that the state law has recently changed. He did call in to his department. They confirmed that we needed a spotter. I told them to check with the DNR. It took just a few minutes to check with the DNR. Sure enough, they did confirm the new law. The cop even thanked me for informing him. We were getting along really good at this time. Before he left, I asked him for a favor. I asked him if he remembered the ticket he gave my nephew for $150.00 and if he would rescind the ticket. To my surprise he said sure he will. The cop followed me back to our beach,found my nephew and ripped up the ticket right there.
    Made a very good day for all.
    Dennis Pinter

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    good for you for correcting them, have been watching discussion on this on master craft forum, interesting how Wisconsin is handling it. Seems like most are unsure about the law as you found out.

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    Had similar issues on the Rock river in Janesville WI

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