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    We've had very mixed results teaching people how to foil, often unsuccessful results just because the people don't invest necessary time to pick it up and progress. Others though, either have struggled with balance and technique. We've tried many different ways/tricks to help but success has been hard.

    No longer. A couple months ago I ordered a "double-wide" board from hydrodynamic foils in Canada. I'd seen them online and have been intrigued for a while. While discussing whether they had any cheaper priced blems or someway to get something without breaking the bank. They suggested a new type of board to me, poured plastic (pic below). It is same shape/dimensions to their normal fiberglass board they sell, but significantly cheaper. I agreed, and after close to 6 weeks to receive it (another post for another day, thanks USPS) we pieced it together with all the parts from an original air-chair. Voila. One of our students that has been really struggling while coming out of the hole to keep heading straight with our other boards all of a sudden can come up, holding straight much longer due to the board and today was riding on the water for more than a minute many times. Grinning ear to ear she was thrilled at the new setup.

    I'll get a picture of the entire setup another day, needless to say, we will be revisiting others that have struggled and let them try out "Miss Piggy", aptly named because the setup, while with a short tbar, weights quite a bit. We think the old tbar, old wings, all powder coated, have less lift which helps the beginner too.

    Big cheer out to hydrodynamic foils!

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