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    New boat. I strap in on the swim platform. Anyone doing some sort of protection on their swim platform to keep it from getting t-bar nicks etc?

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    I have tried several things. Foam does not hold up.

    I used some of this, but I probably got the wrong size and it fell off:

    I even found some paper thin aluminum stuff that has adhesive on it. My swim platform is curved, so it wouldn't stick properly without wrinkling up.

    I loved my previous boat that had a wood platform, the nicks just sanded off. There is an aftermarket company that makes wood platforms, but they aren't cheap.

    When I get serious about this sport, I will probably rhino-line the platform.

    For now, I debate whether it would just be cheapest to pay my fiberlgass guy a few hundy to fix it when I sell the boat. I always put the Tbar on the starboard side, so the repair would not be all that much.

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    I had the same question a couple threads down. I managed to get some samples of Blacktip Jetsports traction mat and it seems pretty durable so I'm gonna try it on my platform.

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    I have taken mine off and took it over to the tint shot. They wrapped it with the same protective coating they wrap cars with (Like a thick clear window tint.) It has worked great. I have several cuts in it but nothing into the platform. I had it on
    for several years and even took it back once and had them take it off and wrap it a second time, looks like new again..

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    If your talking about nicks in the side platform this is my cure for my last 2 boats. Cut up strips of black plastic from what used to be the forward panels in my rear storage of my 06 VLX. Shape to suit and double face tape holds it to edge of platform just above the aluminum rub rail. As for the pad on top of the platforms, I have never had any problem wearing them after hundreds of load and unloads.

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