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    so i did some video, used a different camera than usual. typically i import the film into my laptop and can click frame by frame with the right or left arrow (macbook air) for some reason, with this camera, it plays smooth, but when i pause and click frame by frame, it seems like its jumping like 6 frames or so. i think its recorded in 30 fps, but don't see any verification on the actual camera settings, but when i google the camera model (sony dec-200) it says its highest resolution version is 30 fps and i was shooting in its best mode. so my question is, is there somewhere i can upload the video to to be able to count the frames?

    also, on a side note, when counting frames, it goes from when the front tip of the front wing 1st exits the water and is visible till splash down....but is the 1st time you see the wings frame #1 or or is that zero and count up from there?

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    if you posted it on a file share site, dropbox, something, others would be able to help out. I have always counted the first sighting of the front wing as #1 and the first sign of splash down as the last #. Not sure if that is technically correct or overstating. Hopefully someone will chime in.

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    when front wing becomes visible, that is zero.
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