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  1. Uncomfortable sky ski bindings 
    Hi everyone, I'm a novice boarder, only been out a half dozen times. My SS Pro is also new and one of the things that I feel is hindering my learning curve is the extremely tight and uncomfortable stock foot straps on the board. It's not as though I have extra large feet (size 9.5) but the straps are amazingly tight. Not only are they hard to get on, but are also somewhat painful on the top of my feet. Am I correct that they can't be adjusted except for the rubber being stretched out some with regular use?

    It sounds like there are some aftermarket bindings available to replace the stock bindings? A search pulled up bindings by Cinch (FootWraps and FootStays, anyone know the difference?), and also some bindings by Malabu Mark.

    Recommendations please?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    you can't go wrong with either cinch or Malibu Mark bindings. Both are good and feel better and are safe. I have used both and currently use MM while my friend I foil with prefers the cinch, is a personal preference thing. Pick one or try one with someone's board if you can before you purchase. Good luck

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    Quick fix is to just take off the binding overlay.

    I did this years ago as I have clown size feet. I rode Cinch for many years and now run MM. As mentioned... Its a preference thing.

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    I've had both cinch and malibu mark. I've also rode someone else's foil with RP3.

    Malibu Mark bindings are the best for me. They hug your foot like a shoe (entire top of foot to toes) and have a ton of adjustment for all foot sizes (I wear a 14 and we have kids that ride also). The tightening of the laces is a bit more involved with a newbie than to just "slide" their foot in. What I don't like is the belt clip for the heel. Mark has the option of sewing velcro there instead if you call him before ordering (last I heard).

    RP3 would be my second choice. The arch strap is somewhat narrow and doesn't hug your feet as well (less contact area front to back). The warranty is awesome. They will make sure you are happy. The cushion is very comfortable.

    cinch is my last choice. It is difficult to get it replaced on warranty. The arch strap is similar to RP3 (contact area), but the cushion is not as comfortable. Pricewise it is also the most expensive.

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