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    I was right where you are back in March. The most helpful advice I can give would be to get just out side the wake into the flats (outside of the boat spray). Make a smooth dip with your arms extended out, lower your handle into your waist to launch and try to freeze in this position until you land. If you freeze in this position with the board tip up and the handle low the boat wont pull you over into a face plant. A good visual is jumping a ramp on a bicycle and landing on the rear tire 1st. You wouldn't want to land on the front tire 1st right? To pull off those early landings you may need to extend your arms back out when the board touches the water.

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    Finally got that non-stretch rope. I am almost able to jump consistently. Following are some of the jumps I was able to catch on camera.

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    looking good, here you go, use the icon that looks like film to embed the link from youtube

    gear and end of the rope - endoftherope
    personal site including foiling videos and pictures -

    "Pop it when you feel it"

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