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    Looking for some buying advice...preferably from someone who owned or knows what the ride is like on a wooden boat and if not some experience with a Malibu 23 LSV or similar? Background: I currently have a 1964 25' wooden Lyman. This is a classic lapstrake hull with an inboard (Chevy 350 marinized). I use it for Sky Skiing (have also gone skiing, wakeboarding etc). It's big enough for my family of 3, a friends family say of 4 and water toys (inner tube, skis, and sky ski... AND it has a very comfortable ride through choppy water. I have a 7 year and would like to move to a fiberglass hull with a trailer so we can take it with us to various lakes that we go camping on... It's not practical to get a trailer and haul out/launch the Lyman. I would like to get a boat that has a comfortable ride through chop, good for both Sky Skiing and wake surfing (I've done this on a friend's boat but the wooden boat does not work for this). I'm looking at some well used boats and leaning torwards -- a Malibu 2005 Wakesetter 23 LSV? Seems like it is big enough to go smoothly through chop, has a power wedge for wake surfing, easy for my son to learn water skiing and then wake surfing on... Thoughts? I am open to suggestions. I don't know the different hull types, best for both Hydrofoiling and wake surfing? Are there alternative boats/brands to look at? BTW, I live in Seattle on Lake Washington , if anyone has one of these boats..I have not yet had the opportunity to ride on one...I would be happy to pay for gas (share the Sky Ski etc) to see how they ride...
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