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  1. Foil Rack for Malibu G3 Tower 
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    Does anyone have experience with a foil rack on a Malibu G3 tower? Just got a new(er) boat and would like to know if any particular brand rack works better on the G3 tower etc. I have two CompTech racks that I could move from my current boat, but might consider replacing one or both depending on what works best. Can you still use a board rack on the upper mounting position, or will it still be in the way of the foil rack (without foil of course)? Appreciate any feedback.

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    It looks like Sky Ski makes an adapter for the G3 tower. Here is a link to it on their web site:


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    What works best for the Malibu G3.5 tower? Can you put both a chair and surfboards on the same side? I was thinking the chair on the upper rack, and boards on the lower rack, but am not sure if the seat would clear the lower rack. Or maybe if the chair is on the lower rack, the strut might clear the upper so that boards could still fit on the upper.

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