Hey Foiling fanatics!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means it's that time of the year. Things will be a little different this year for the XTREME Black Friday sale - I'm going to use percentages off to make things easier for me. I was deciding whether the brand new Fu Manchu front wing would be part of the Thanksgiving sale, and finally decided it will. Here's how the pricing will work:

Single front wings and single rear wings - 10% off retail pricing
Fu Manchu (retail $875) - $787.50
SuperHawk (retail $825) - $742.50
Mustache (retail $825) - $742.50
Black Ops (retail $400) - $360

Combo wings (front plus rear) - 15% off retail pricing
Fu/Venom or Fu/Viper (Retail $1300) - $1105,00
Superhawk/Venom or Viper (retail $1250) - $1062.50
Mustache/ Venom or Viper (retail $1250) - $1062.50
Black Ops/ Venom or Viper (retail $875) - $743.75

This sale will run from Thurs- Nov 22 (Thanksgiving) - through Monday Nov 25th 2018. Coupons are NOT valid with this sale. You can find the wings and order at the following website:


Thanks to all my foiling family for another incredible year! Best wishes to all during this holiday season! I sure love this sport!
Bryan Schumacher - the Xtreme guy