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    It's a little early to throw this out there but I'll be in and around Salt Lake City Sept. 10 to 14th. My wife has a conference to attend and I thought I'd tag along, while she is in her meetings during the day, I could be on a lake if anyone is available. Also we'll be driving and will be taking our time on the way home, we're looking to be home by the 22nd. I'll have my ski with me and I've been told Sand Hollow and Lake Powell should be on my list as well as Bull Shoals and I guess anywhere in between. It would be great to meet up with anyone along our travels!
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    That is terrific!

    Sand Hollow is not much of a destination area like Lake Powell is, except that I am nearby.
    Both Sand Hollow and Lake Powell are about 5-7 hours south of Salt Lake, so it does take you the wrong direction. That is just fine if you can take your time to get home.

    PM sent.

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    Pm sent.
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    Bump. Got some details firmed up, so we arrive in Salt Lake city on the evening of the 10th, I'm available to ride there all day Sept. 11, 12 and most of the 13th. Then we're off to St. George area on the 14th and 15th and then we'll take a week to travel home. Heading back east on I-70, we'll head through all the big towns, Denver, Kansas city, St. Louis, Indianapolis and then take a left turn on I-75 towards Detroit area on 21st. If there is anyone fairly close to this route let me know, I'll have my ski and a spotter if needed.

    Email is easiest:
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