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    It is always sooo much fun to try out new wings and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to ride a number of wings as they came to market. Mike Murphy was really nice and let the San V crew and me try out his new Gullwingv2. Marty and Mike collaborated and updated the Next Foils Gullwingv1. It is quite different. The leading edge has changed and the cross section is much more like a UFO. It has some spoiler effect designed in similar to the UFO. It is shorter front to back and swept back more. It has 20 degree wing tips.

    I set the wing up on my ride just like I do my with UFO. Same wheelbase and shim. It rode nicely on a cut. When I went to hit a wake roll it was definitely quicker than my UFO. I hooked it up! I really like the quickness. I wasn't sure I would like the down turned wing tips. I don't like winglet wings. But it wasn't excessive and the slight tracking seemed like a good thing. Everyone tells me "don't ride new wings you don't want to buy". Well, I'm in line for a nice anodized Gullwingv2. Murphy has a batch of them coming back from being anodized and they are going to be available very soon. I really like my UFO and I wasn't expecting to want to change. Too much fun either way just getting to try new wings. I rode it paired with a Detonator, which is a flat n2orbit wing.

    Our San V crazy man, Tyson, put it on his set up with an Area 51 and proceeded to rock on it. Definitely getting some solid air. He said it was "just a bit different" than the UFO. I think he just didn't want to get to enamored with it since he bought an MV-40 and the Area 51 recently :)

    On FB Don Knott posted a photo of a similar wing which I am almost positive is the Hellfire that AC is working on. Both are based off concepts proven by the UFO. But it is my understanding that the Hellfire, being cut from thicker billet, has more spoiler and more angle on the downward wing tips. Should be really fascinating to get a chance to compare the two. I understand that it is not yet in production and I'm looking forward to hearing how it rides, much less getting a chance to ride it! Is there a sweet spot on wing tip angle? More spoiler or less? I have no idea.

    Mikes Gullwingv2 is in production and he will have anodized wings available shortly. I don't know what he is going to price these at. But I will be stoked to get an anodized version when he has them. Should be awesome summer fun. Tyson says foiling is an addiction and I know he is right. Happy to let visitors to San Diego ride mine when I get it and I'll definitely be at Apache Lake. Maybe the West Texas Fly In if I can avoid work :) Have fun out there everyone!

    For more info on availability and price call Mike Murphy at Next Foils. I'll post when I hear more.

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    Hey thanks for taking the time to post your review and pics!

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