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    I've had a couple of requests to post my tutorial on packing and shipping a here it is....

    Subject: packing a hydrofoil

    First of all go to any bike shop and ask them for a bike shipping box….they will give you one for free as then they don’t have to break them down for recycle…..Then measure up 26” (pictures show 25” but 26” is better) from the bottom and draw a line (I use a chalk box to snap a line)….cut all the way around, but keep the short piece (the top of the box)…later after all the parts are inside you will shove that smaller top piece INSIDE the bigger box, and you will run a bead of glue on the INSIDE and either tape it closed or use clamps as I do….then let it sit overnight and it will not come apart during shipping.

    Next, break down the hydrofoil like this….wings off the t-bar…tower (seat) off the board….go to Home Depot and get a roll of 6mm plastic (Visquine) and wrap the wings separately , the t-bar, the board (leave foot bindings on), and the tower all wrapped separately….they will all fit into the big box which after cutting will end up 26X8X55 (or 56, 57)….Some bike boxes are a little longer, up to 57” but just leave the length whatever it is……when you wrap the t-bar put some cheap PVC caps on the ends, as the t-bar ends are pointed and very sharp….I’ve had those pointed ends poke through the box before I started putting the PVC on them…..put the wings in a separate flat box within the big box or bubble wrap them real good and stick in big box…don’t want to scratch the anno or bend the wings….the tower will go in last (leave belt on) and it will “bulge” the box….but that’s no big deal and that’s why I glue the top and use clamps……Put all the hardware (wing and tower bolts) in a zip lock bag and put in box with wings or tape to bubble wrapped wings.

    Then you take the box to a UPS shipping station to send UPS Ground…..I’ve probably bought, sold, and shipped 20 hydrofoils and NEVER paid over $140 shipping from San Diego to all across the US….But the key is you must pack it yourself and take it to the UPS shipping center yourself…….If you just drop it off at one of those “Postal Annex” places and tell them to pack it and ship it they will charge you a fortune……Sure, it’s a little work but really not that much... NOTE:....Since I put this tutorial together shipping rates have gone up so check around but it’s best if using Fed-Ex or UPS that you pack it yourself and walk it into a UPS or FED-EX shipping hub...NOT a Postal Annex type business....Now it seems UPS has the best rates on large boxes....Once you have it packed get the box measurement and weight...Go to the UPS or Fed-Ex website and click on calculate shipping prices....just put in the zip codes and cities and you'll get the approx. shipping price......Easy !
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    Thanks for taking the time!

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    One other thing to consider when shipping something of this size and weight: if you work for a business that ships by UPS or FedEx regularly and has an account, you might be able to ship from work and reimburse the company for the cost (if they allow it). Most likely they get a discount and it could save you quite a bit of money on a package this big. It won't hurt your company, as their discount is probably based on volume. It also might be more convenient for you.

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