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  1. Foiln in New Mexico 
    I've been riding an AC for about 10 years off and on as school and work took me from the water for about 5 years. I'm back at it now and didn't realize how much I missed it. Looking forward to having a community of like minded folks!

    I'm currently looking to ride someone's setup(don't know how good things can be with my one ski experience) anyone in New Mexico here? I haven't noticed any active users on this forum (been lurking for a few weeks now). Trying to talk the better half for permission to call Mike and get an upgraded ride.

    You all may be interested in the ski I ride... It's a relic. When I get more rep points maybe I will be able to post some pictures.

    I think it's also time I bust out the knee pads and helmet {called it me confidence booster}. Is that a thing here? Anyone use knee pads?

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    tons of great information here, yes many use helmets and some use knee pads. Welcome and good luck with the upgrading

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    Go to a Fly In and folks will be happy to inform you about all the progress that has happened in terms of equipment and technique. Just be warned.... Once you ride a modern ski you will never want to ride your old school cast Air Chair! And if you do keep riding it... Please upgrade your belt to a modern one (Cinch, Sky Ski, or AC) before you get hurt!

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