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    I found this site while looking for advise on equipment.

    I used to frequent the Parker strip in the late 80's as often as I could get away, around 1990 when the Air chair first came out I was staying at Mike Mack's Arizona Shores and had seen Mike Murphy running down the river doing some stuff I just could not wrap my head around and I knew I wanted one right then, I bought one right away and I think it was $650 retail back then, in 1991 I bought a 32' trailer and a 92' Nautique (Still have them) I kept the trailer at Echo Lodge and stayed there when visiting all through the 90's.

    In the first year of owning the Air chair I got to the point of clearing the wakes on jumps and just started to try flips, completed a few dismount inverts but never was able to complete one with the rope, I started to increase my speed a little and at about 23 mph I scared myself when trying a flip my feet came out and the foil smacked me good in the back of the head, never did I imagine this could even happen.

    Year after year I rode conservatively after that incident and stopped trying flips, I still enjoyed riding though as slalom skiing was just to much work and flying was so easy in comparison, in the late 90's my ski was stolen and I just never replaced it, 1997 brings the wife and I a second child and we stopped going to the river for a while plus I guess we were getting worried about boating there as we had 2 children and it was getting to crowded and dangerous even during the week.

    Fast forward to today and for the last few years we have had the boat and trailer over at my brothers house a few minutes from lake Oroville, Today I am relegated to the boat driver pulling my kids around on skis and wakeboards and telling them how much fun the Air chair was back in the day, I am tired of being a spectator and want to get back in the game!

    Here is my dilemma, I do not know what equipment to get? I want to get the latest and greatest but I know I will never ever, ever be getting huge air because I am not brave enough to get that high! I do like the idea of the longer strut with bigger foil so I can try inverts at a lower less scary speed, I do not want something that is so squirrelly to ride that I will have to develop major skills to tame it, looking for advise on equipment now that you have my background and what I want to do.

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    Welcome. Cool story. So much has changed, lots of advances in safety along with changes in the wings, seats, boards, everything. The squirrelly ride is all relative, you can shim the wings to be less aggressive if desired (or more), other adjustments to find your perfect ride.

    You should find someone on your lake that rides and try a setup or two before purchasing. Many people create skis that have parts from multiple manufacturers and build over time (all parts can be upgraded individually) or you could grab a complete setup from one of the providers.

    Good luck!

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