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  1. Rope Length / Boat Speed for Inverts 
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    Hi all,

    Have just started hucking my first few inverts and was wondering what rope length and boat speed you recommend?


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    I'm not sure if you want to yourself a lot of agrivation ...load the ski a little ,swing out to the flats and work on that pop without your back going beyond vertical T bar not drive back with shoulders ...rocking chair ...Now 22 mph and 90ft rope seams to be a good formula ...after that works out well go to 25 mph ...

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    We started out right around 20mph and had a standard no stretch 80ft rope. You can pick up more speed if you need to with your cut out to the flats, with your outside hand grab under your knee and throw your gainer. The grab is so you don't lean back and huck the trick.

    Check out the sticky in the tips and tricks section of this forum, the Dry land training with Ben Ferney, he goes through all the steps of learning your first invert.

    I'll be in Salt Lake for a few days in Sept. Always happy to give pointers when I can!
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