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  1. Getting sucked down to the surface...? 
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    Just got back from Priest Lake in Idaho for a week. Absolutely beautiful lake by the way. This happened to my buddy and I on several occasions and it seemed to only happen when we were going back into the wake from left to right. As soon as I crossed the crest of the wake my ski would get pulled down to the surface so hard the board could barely stay on the surface.

    I could lean back as hard as I could and pull up with my feet but that board wasn't budging. Felt like my T bar got wrapped around a damn gorilla. Finally had to let go. As soon as we restarted it would be fine. This would happen at least once per ride and it only hit when entering the wake left to right and it happened to both of us????

    Nothing got hung up on the T bar. This is the cleanest damn lake I've ever seen and deep too. I checked everything for tightness and everything is tight as can be.

    This ever happened to anyone and if so, what's the deal? It happened to me a couple times in my home Lake of Moses Lake but I figured I just got a weed wrapped around the bar because that's quite possible in Moses, but not this lake...


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    A foil that doesn't glitch in warm water can possibly do it in cold water. Glitching is caused by air bubbles getting caught along trailing edges. Typically it is the tbar, so check the trailing edge for imperfections. It should be a uniform taper to a fine edge. It may not be thin enough. The leading edge should be dull.

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    If your driver sees this happening, slowing down will help you snap out of it without having to let go. If the driver will slow to 12-14 mph, you will likely pop right back up.

    What Shagn said. The wake causes some turbulence in the water that catches a few bubbles and down you go.

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