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  1. Beginner rider seeking advice. 
    Hi everyone, I've made quite a bit of progress this season since at the beginning I couldn't even stay up for more than 10 seconds, but over the last half dozen rides or so it seems like I've stagnated. It's now easy for me to get up and to taxi, but when I start to fly I feel really unstable and have a tendency to bounce, which then causes me to lose control. Here's a link to a You Tube video of my best ride so far:

    Any advice? My boat driver is attempting to keep the speed at 14 mph, should I have her speed up? I'm currently running the Sky Ski beginner rear wing in beginner mode, should I switch back to the original wing that my Pro SS came with? Also, notice on the video that my boat throws a pretty big wake, do you think a longer rope would be helpful to get me in smoother water? Thanks!

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    You look great, but need to relax. You look very tense, which is understandable in a new sport. It also looks like you are pushing up and down with your feet slightly. Focus on sitting as still as possible.

    You flew out the side at the end because you dropped your outside shoulder as you would on a bicycle. That is how you do an aggressive turn/cut in this sport, but you aren't ready for it yet. :)

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