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Of course, there are some people who don't believe any data no matter what, which basically means that those people think whatever they want no matter what evidence suggests the contrary. That would be sort of convenient because then I could just say that the data that contradicts my views is just fake. I don't think the world is quite that hopeless.

On a more important note, what is going on at everyone else's lakes? My small local lake has had to turn people away for the first time in history because there were too many people. It has been absolutely crazy. We need some national parks and movie theaters to open up to give these people something else to do!
I don't believe people are denying people are dying. The real problem is nearly all reporting companies are not news any more - they are tabloids. When you believe the National Enquirer is more credible than them, there is a serious problem. :) We have no idea what to believe any more. The numbers are being skewed as it seems about everyone is being flagged as death by corona. Combined if hospitals truly are getting a huge monetary compensation for labeling it as such, we have no idea. Then there are underlying issues such as smokers or those with immune deficiencies. Take care of yourself as if every person, the air, and surfaces as having the virus. As with any day in your life, venture outside with personal accountability.

The lake I went to Saturday had tons of boats. There were so many that it was difficult to ride a foil. That, and it was my first day riding in 6 months.