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    Hey Guys, I'm Andy. I just bought a house on beautiful Cane River Lake in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and have discovered hydrofoils online. I want one. I found a used one for sale near me - it says it's an original Air Chair. It's a green one. I am not sure I want a chair or one I can stand on, and I know I'm not even using the right words yet. But what should I expect to pay for this green original Air Chair? It's the same one as here on Wikipedia:

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    I'm no expert but I wouldn't start with anything less than a Sky Ski Pro SS. That's what I started with and I think I've out grown it and am ready for a more aggressive ski. It's a hoot. You will be hooked... Just my .02

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    yeah I would not recommend getting any of the early airchairs. They can't be upgraded and you will outgrow it really fast. You will progress much much faster if you start with a nice midlevel ski.

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